2021 Conference Handouts & Presentations


Topic Speakers
State Laws & Rules Update Tracey Foster Handout -Final
If You Weren’t Afraid Before, You Should Be Now! Michelle Bohreer Handout Sample Policy and
Appraisals for Earth, Wind (& Fire?) and Other Special Valuations Carla Pope-Osborn, John Rutledge, Tracey Foster Presentation
Is Your Give A Damn Busted? An Ethical Pep-Talk for Chief Appraisers (and the rest of us too!) Tracey Foster Handout Presentation
PTAD Report Shannon Murphy Presentation
TDLR Report Tim Radloff” Presentation
“We Gotta Try Somethin’ Else ‘Cause We’re Outta Gas! Frank Alverez Presentation
“Stop! In the Name of Love…Before You Break The Law – Think It Over!” Sandy Griffin, Sharon Baxter, Jim Evans Handout