Texas Rural Chief Appraisers was organized in 1991 for the following purpose:

“To promote positive attitudes, share information, support, respective state organization, and serve the taxpayers and rural tax officials of Texas through cooperation and information sharing.”



On December 10, 1991, a few Chief Appraisers met in Austin to discuss the organization of a Rural Appraisal Group.

The purpose:  
“To promote positive attitudes, share information, support, respective state organization, and serve the taxpayers and rural tax officials of Texas through cooperation and information sharing.”


Items considered in forming the organization included:
1. No membership in another organization is required;
2. The rural Group will support and work with the Comptroller’s Office and Property Tax Division with a positive attitude in developing new rules and guidelines; and
3. The Rural Chief appraisers will elect a member steering committee to organize, plan, and direct the Texas Rural Appraisers for 1992, through a ballot.

Stanton Brown was originally in the discussion group.  Due to the serious illness of his wife, he did not serve the first year, but has been a major part of TRCA through the years.

The original plan was to have a six-member committee.  Comments sent in with ballots indicated a  major concern for 1992 Steering Committee

Dana Ripley, Bastrop CAD
Keith Toomire, Howard CAD
Sid Danner, Cherokee CAD
Victor Perry, Maverick CAD
Huie Stanley, Dallam CAD
Patricia Davis, Nolan CAD
Shirley Holub, Hill CAD
Troy Sloan, Stephens CAD, Chairman
A regional and balanced representation; therefore, the committee was increased to eight from the ballots.


The first Texas Rural Chief Appraisers conference was held August 1 & 2, 1994, at the Omni Hotel in downtown Austin, Texas, where an impressive list of speakers presented a well-rounded, informative conference.

The Rural Group started getting involved.  1994 – Troy Sloan, Sid Danner, and Eddie Chalmers were selected to serve as State Coordinators for Texas to the Governing Board of the Rural and Small Jurisdiction’s Council of the International Association of Assessing Officers.

Victor Perry and Dana Ripley were appointed to represent the Rural Group on the Standards and Practices Committee of the Board of Tax Professional Examiners.

Sid Danner was appointed to represent the Rural group along with other taxing entities in directing the staff of The Real Estate Center at Texas A&M to proceed with development of a comprehensive program of property tax education for professionals.

A Busy Year

In planning the second annual conference, the slogan of “if it ain’t broke, doesn’t fix it” was used by following the same format as the first conference.   Basically, the same format has been followed every year with the assistance of the Survey forms that are completed at the conference.   The Omni downtown location has been the site for each of the first nine conferences.  The Omni – South Park will be the site for the 2003 and 2004 conferences.  The first conference had a total of 122 registered compared to 233 for this year.

Thirty-seven (37) different Chief Appraisers have served as members of the Steering Committee for a total of 126 years.

The silhouette of seven horses and riders called “The Wild Bunch”

…started being used to
Represent TRCA.  A logo
contest was held with
approximately 60 entries
submitted. The winning logo:
“Head ‘Em Up, Move ‘Em Out”
has been used since then.


A thirteen-member committee was formed to serve as a Liaison with the Property Tax Division.


Gary Zeitler and Stanton Brown worked with representatives from other taxing entities to determine if a consolidation of all entities would be beneficial to everyone.  Since the rural districts are so unique, the TRCA voted to continue being a separate entity, but to be supportive of the other taxing entities.


Governor Perry appointed Stanton Brown to serve on the Board of Tax Professional Examiners.  Stanton is Chief Appraiser/Tax collector for Knox CAD and has been of vital importance to the TRCA since the beginning.

Ann Stapp from Pecos CAD elected to serve as Vice-Chair of the Property Tax Education Coalition.

First GOOD NEIGHBOR AWARD was awarded to James Archer, our good friend with the Property Tax Division.  The Good Neighbor Award was started with the purpose to show appreciation, to recognize an individual, to reach out to our friends and good neighbors… plus, further the aim and goals of the TRCA.


The Texas Rural Chief Appraisers group continues to maintain positive attitudes, to offer support, share information, and enhance the knowledge of other Chief appraisers, especially in rural Texas.


Good Neighbor, Chaunche Thompson


Senator Todd Staples was the Good Neighbor award recipient.   A representative from his office had to accept for him, which was disappointing for us, but he did speak to us last year and does continue to be a good friend and neighbor.


TRCA is now organized.  We are now Texas Rural Chief Appraisers, Inc.  What big steps we are taking now.  Robert Mott was our Good Neighbor Award winner this year and the conference was another fantastic one.  All the speakers were impressive.

This is said every year…

…but probably the best conference ever.  Peter Low was named Good Neighbor.  He has really been a good friend thru the years and helped TRCA, Inc. with so many questions all through the years.  We organized last year, but this was really our first annual meeting.  A little bumpy due to voting, but that will all work out.  Gary Eldridge did an excellent job being Chairman.  In fact, we have not ever had a bad Chairman.  My favorite speaker this year was Elmer Kelton (he reminded me of my Dad).  All the speakers were outstanding.  Bud, you did a great job and Linda, the auction was super, as usual.  Thanks to all the help from Freestone CAD.


Back downtown to the Omni!!  Great conference!!  Sheriff J. B. Smith was opening speaker.  (Even gave Linda Carrington his big, ole western hat!)  Dave Montoya, BTPE, was named Good Neighbor.   Robert N. “Bobby” Pigg made a really good Chairman.Bud, his crew, and Linda did their usual ‘great’ job.

An Unusual Year

Several Steering Committee members resigned to work in tax related fields.  We will really miss them.  Larry Krumnow was our Chairman and did a great job.  He kept everything running smoothly.
Bud and his staff were right on top of everything.  Thank you, guys!!!

Good Neighbor was State Representative Fred Hill. Lee Flowers had him address the luncheon and Representative Hill had a lot of enlightening words.  Ronnie (my wonderful husband) was awarded a gavel by Stanton Brown for being “Second in Command”.  The conference would not go so great if Ronnie was not always “Johnnie on the spot”.  Top Hand Award went to Bobby Boykin, Washington CAD.  Bobby set up the TRCA Web site and keeps it posted up to date.  The auction was super…so many friends that are getting ready to retire or have already retired were with us.  It makes me appreciate all the talent that we have in the tax/appraisal industry.  Good remarks from everyone!!!

Another good year

Legislators were in Session and we were keeping up with everything that was going on.  Appraisal Districts were in the news!!  Larry Krumnow was our Chairman again this year and did a great job.  Thanks to him, Bud Black’s group from Freestone CAD and all the ones that volunteered–another great Conference.  How can they keep getting better?   Carolyn Kyzer was named the “Good Neighbor” award winner for 2008.  Carolyn was definitely surprised.  Congratulations, Carolyn!   The Top Hand Award went to Ronnie Morris.  Ronnie is a behind the scenes guy who makes sure everything is going smoothly.  He keeps Betty Ann going and can answer most any question you may have…  Another great auction year….  The raffle item was a pistol donated by Ralph and Patti Fatheree.   Another pistol from Ralph and Patti was in the auction.   We have so many great Sponsors.  The Conference is so successful each year due to their contribution.  Only positive remarks from the Survey.


Chairman was Doug Smithson, CA, Cooke CAD.  Thank you Doug; you did a great job.  Representative Jim Keffer was named the “Good Neighbor” this year and the Top Hand was Tina Flores.  Bud and his “gang” did a great job again this year.  Ralph and Patti donated the rifle as the raffle item.  Auction was fun and profitable again this year.   Each year, everyone has worked hard together to make the conference a success.  A big thank you to our Sponsors, Steering Committee, and everyone that attended the conference.


What can we say about 2010?

Another great year with Tina Flores, Chief Appraiser from Kleburg CAD, as our Chairman.  She did an outstanding job.

Tina has been responsible for selecting the speaker’s gifts for many years. We always look forward to seeing what our speakers will receive. All the speakers were great and Bud’s crew did another wonderful job. Bud, where do you come up with all the ideas for decorations? You are appreciated for all the blood, sweat, and tears that go into the conference.

The Good Neighbor Award was changed to The Troy Sloan Good Neighbor Award with Troy being the first recipient.  A special presentation was made to Troy and honoring the past Good Neighbor Award winners.  All the past TRCA Chairmen were recognized.

Thank you, Tina, for selecting me (BettyAnn) for the Top Hand. That was a surprise and so humbling.  Our Sponsors are the best ever.  We change schedules and move them around and they keep smiling.  Thank you to each of you.

I guess we need to continue to “head ‘em up and move ‘em out!!