Silent Auction Winners

Auction Item Winners Name  Wining Bid amount
100.00 Amazon Gift Card Patricia Zeitler  $105.00
100.00 Amazon Gift Card Peggy Wardlaw  $120.00
Concealed Carry Tote Cleta Blair  $150.00
1860 Black Powder Revolver Joe Raper  $250.00
Arikara Valley Skinner Knife Thomas Denney  $60.00
Buck Tail Classic Gut Hook Knife Rebecca Norris  $85.00
Eskimo Pride Skinner Rebecca Norris  $70.00
Ho Ho Ho Decorations Beverly Silen  $35.00
“Home of the Brave Knife” Tylene Gamble  $60.00
“I stand, I Kneel” Knife Johnny Ivy  $71.00
MiMi’s Busy Basket Bud Black  $70.00
Osage Trail Skinner Thomas Denney  $60.00
Southwest Scentsy Warmer Tylene Gamble  $45.00
Country Living Scentsy Warmer Peggy Wardlaw  $60.00
Wailaki Creek Skinner Rebecca Norris  $65.00
Wild River Skinner Rebecca Norris  $75.00
Apple IPAD Wendell Dale Carman  $491.00
Texas Stained Glass Mary Thomson-Dallam CAD  $125.00